Google is disabling Universal Analytics in July 2023. Now is the time to learn how to future-proof your analytics data that powers your marketing engine.

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Save time with automated reports

Automate your reporting so all insights are always in plain sight.

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Uncover The Answers to Your Biggest Marketing Questions

People hear the term “analytics” and they immediately picture fancy charts and complex tracking scripts.

But it doesn't have to be so complicated.

The tools we use to gather website marketing data are simply around to help answer questions that are critical to making your marketing more effective. Questions like:

❓“Who are our customers and how can we serve them better?”

❓“Why do purchasers visit our website and how can I find more people like them?”

❓“Which of our advertising campaigns, emails, or content attract the most views, conversions, or sales?”

❓“What type of visitors do each of our marketing campaigns bring to our website?

❓“What’s the ROI of my marketing efforts? And which type of website content should invest in?

❓“How do I attract my ideal customer to my website and present them with an offer they can’t refuse?”

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In this on-demand course that you can complete in a weekend, you’ll become an expert at pinpointing information that will allow you to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, you’ll become a pro at tracking data critical to your marketing success. Finally, you’ll understand how to use that data to deliver better results for your business or clients.

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"I loved how thorough the course was. It was a great deep dive, and it was great to be able to get questions answered right as they came up.
I feel so much more confident and excited about implementing the GA4 after this course. If not for this course, I would be still putting off getting it implemented for my SEO and PPC clients. Thanks so much, Jeff!!


"Thanks, this was a great course! Cheers, Jeff"


"I very much enjoyed the course, the way Jeff teaches, and the online teaching environment with the video and the NOTES! Very valuable to match up with my own notes! And I like the mini quizzes. Much better than one big quiz."


"You have a terrific teaching style. I heartily endorse you to others considering further training and certification around GA4."


Here’s What You’ll Get Inside!


  • Why we need a fresh start with Google Analytics
  • ACES Measurement Strategy Framework
  • Finding your way around GA4


  • Getting started with GA4
  • Account structure
  • GA4 account setup
  • Tracking code basics
  • Navigating the Google Analytics interface


  • Reviewing your data
  • Understanding and customizing reports
  • Administrator interface and settings
  • Integrations
  • Understanding account settings


  • Data definitions and resources
  • Revisiting Google Tag and enhanced measurement
  • Registering events in GA4
  • Campaign tracking


  • What we know about events so far
  • More on event parameters
  • Custom dimensions and metrics
  • Event naming conventions and limits


  • Data explorations overview
  • Free form reports
  • Campaign tracking (UTM codes) and content groupings
  • Custom funnel explorations
  • More exploration reports


  • Linking Google Ads
  • The advertising workspace
  • Conversions and importing into Google Ads
  • Monetization reports demo
  • Ecommerce code overview


  • How does my data get into GA4?
  • Reviewing your filtered data
  • Data review processes
  • Comparing and exporting data
  • Working with a consultant


Not only do you get the full Mastery course with all 8 sections, but you also get a bonus section with a whooping 14 GA4 Migration Workshop videos, including:

📌  Events & Parameters

📌  Migration Strategy and Advanced Customization

📌  Debugging GA4 Walkthrough

📌  Ben Kuehn Migration Tool

📌  Interface Tricks

📌  Integrating GA4 to Search Console, Google Ads, and BigQuery

📌 The Future of GA4 Interview with Krista Seiden
      …and more!

As if that’s not enough, we’ve got your back with our 60-day guarantee:

Our 60-Day Limited Guarantee

Join today, we are here to support your continued learning. If within 60 days of purchase, you've completed all the Google Analytics Mastery Course videos and passed all quizzes, you will be able to pass the official Google Analytics 4 certification from Google. If you can document your progress in the course and non-passing score on the Google exam, we'll happily work with you to get you the training you need or refund your Google Analytics 4 Mastery Course purchase. See our complete refund policy.

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"This is amazing. Thank you for providing unreal value in this course!"


"I just completed a four-week live training course on GA4 analytics, which was beyond reproach. Taking this course has given me confidence in installing, as well as creating an action plan to get the best Google data. Quite frankly, I have a better understanding of Google Analytics as a whole. Thank you!!"


"Thank you for the incredible course you have given us. Now I feel much more confident and knowledgeable enough to lead my team through the GA4 challenges. Thank you very much for everything!"


"The "GA4 CYA Blueprint" classes were extremely interactive, and helpful in understanding Google Analytics 4 and how all businesses will benefit from a professionally certified expert in this ever-changing field. Jeff put in extra time to help the students with relevant issues in their business needs. I highly recommend this GA4 certification training, and it gave me ideas for moving my career in the GA4 direction."

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Regular Price: $499

One-time payment

  • Google Analytics 4 Mastery Core Lessons
  • GA4 Migration Checklist
  • Debugging SOPs
  • Universal GA & GA4 Comparison Dashboard
  • 14 GA4 Migration Workshop recordings
  • Future of GA4 Interview Recording
  • Access to our private DDU community

Answers to Most Common Questions About GA4 Mastery

Can I track my whole website with GA4?

You can not only track your entire website with GA4, but you can also track your mobile apps (Android and iOS) in one place as well!

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We generally do not offer a guarantee for digital products. However, we may offer a refund with limited exceptions. See our guarantee policy above 👆.

Do I need the paid versions of Google Analytics 4 for this to work?

You do not need to purchase GA4 360 to apply what you’ve learned from this course. All materials we teach are designed to work exclusively with the free version of GA4.

Can I complete GA4 Mastery at my own pace?

Yes. The Data Driven GA4 Mastery course is an on-demand self-paced training program consisting of roughly 20 hours of material, spread out over 20+ lessons.

Is the GA4 Mastery course up to date?

Yes. The lessons in this program were recorded in the summer of 2022, featuring the most up-to-date material and concepts consistent with latest GA4 interface.

What if Google changes the way GA4 works?

If you notice something different in the GA4 interface than in our course, let our team know and we will update it. Not only that, but if you have suggestions for a process you’d like to see, you can submit a request to us.

Is this product tax-deductible or something I can get reimbursement for?

While you should consult the tax laws in your location, educational training is a tax-deductible expense in the United States. Plus, many of our customers get reimbursed by their employer if used for business or continuing education.

Who is Data Driven GA4 Mastery for?

Our training program is designed to teach beginner and intermediate users how to use GA4 to track, measure, and report on website marketing performance. Both new users and experienced pros have gained significant improvements in their skills.

What type of results can I expect to get from this program?

Not only will you have more knowledge of GA4 than 95% of marketers out there, but you also will be light years ahead of most companies who waited to migrate. You’ll stand out as a marketing leader in the era of digital analytics, helping secure your career and increase revenue for your company.

Does this course come with certification?

No, certification does not come with this course, but after completing the videos, we are certain you will have what it takes to pass Google’s certification. Not only that, but you can obtain certification from DataDrivenU in our next Live GA4 CYA Cohort, which kicks off soon!

What is DataDrivenU? Who is behind the GA4 Mastery Course? was founded by Jeff Sauer, a foremost expert in Google Analytics and data-driven marketing with over 20 years of experience. Jeff has trained 50,000 students and clients like Nestlé, Hubspot, and Best Buy. This course was developed from Jeff’s training and consulting work.

I have more questions!

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