Starting July 1st, 2023, your old Google Analytics won't work. But don't spend months digging through Reddit, StackOverflow, or Twitter for any useful info. Use this SOP toolbox to set up GA4 20x faster than you can on your own!

  • No coding needed
  • No training required
  • Scale your processes
  • NEW IN APRIL 2023! Ecommerce for GA4 SOPs
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Jump the learning curve with our reporting and audit techniques

Save hours using these premade dashboard templates to know what’s working immediately

Land new clients by implementing repeatable and scalable GA4 processes to help them migrate successfully

Enjoy lifetime access and updates to the library, so you won’t be caught by future Google Analytics updates

Prepare yourself for July 1st, 2023

The biggest change in the history of web analytics is upon us… but you don’t have a plan? Not anymore!

With our step-by-step processes, you’ll have exactly what you need to install GA4 the right way - the first time!

Start fresh with high quality data

Simplify your reports starting with a clean slate and populating them with the best data possible.

When you feed your reports with high quality data, you get actionable insights guiding you to higher revenue - starting today.

The hidden Google Analytics 4 manual

Imagine you purchased the hidden GA4 manual and implemented the SOPs within a matter of hours.

Now you can use predictive analytics and your analytics are optimized for user privacy.

Instead of losing years of marketing history, you’re ready to improve on the past.

NEW IN APRIL 2023! Ecommerce for GA4

For the longest time, Ecommerce platforms like Shopify offered little or no guidance on how to migrate your store to GA4.

Now you can FINALLY set up Ecommerce events in GA4 with a DataLayer in Google Tag Manager. 

Cut through the official doc confusion and let our SOPs show you how - step by step!

📌 80+ meticulously detailed step-by-step checklists that you can use for your own business or clients.

📌 Easy-to-follow processes with up-to-date screenshots. No incomplete or missing steps.

📌 11 Ready-made dashboard templates that you can just plug into your GA4 account. It just works.

What if I told you that this hidden GA4 manual is available right here, right now?

Indeed, there is… and it’s more than just a “manual”.

It’s a full-featured toolbox, and we are the ones who created it:

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Complete GA4 Process Toolbox for Busy DIYers

(even if you have zero experience with Google Analytics)

Our GA4 DIY Process Toolbox eliminates all trial and error, guesswork, and hassle from your GA4 account management.

We created several test GA4 accounts and spent countless days and nights over several months figuring out how to use it.

We spent all this time and effort… so YOU don’t have to.

Simply put, we’ve discovered so many hidden but powerful tricks and techniques that could solve your marketing data challenges.

And I want to share that with you.


With Our GA4 DIY Process Toolbox, You Can Easily Scale Your Marketing Operations While Spending Less Time On It

Our toolbox has 80+ (and counting) best-in-class Google Analytics 4 SOPs, research datasheets, process checklists, and dashboards. They are designed to help GA4 users of all skill levels - with no prior experience needed - set up, install, and configure their GA4 accounts in no time.


We spent months creating meticulously detailed step-by-step checklists so you don’t have to spend months figuring out GA4. Our processes are easy to follow with up-to-date screenshots.


Installing GA4 does not have to be a daunting task that most run away from. Use our process documents to guide yourself through the installation process, including ensuring your data is completely accurate.


To get the marketing efficiency and sales growth you want, our process documentation – complete with screenshots – helps you configure your GA4 data stream the right way – for YOUR business.


The GA4 DIY Process Toolbox helps you migrate to GA4 without losing any of your existing UA data. You can follow our process checklists to install, set up, and configure GA4 in a way that is best for your company, not for Google.


We show you how to integrate your GA4 account with Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Data Studio, BigQuery and other handy third-party tools to help you visualize your campaign data.


Our GA4 Toolbox helps you filter your traffic and customize your marketing funnel reports. You can decide exactly what data you want to see, and what your reports look like.


You will also have access to a library of ready-made GA4 reporting dashboards. Just plug them into your Google Analytics account through Data Studio, and watch the data insights roll in!


Introducing the GA4 DIY Process Toolbox - Pro Edition


You’ll love the GA4 DIY Process Toolbox if you are hyper executors who like to DIY using existing processes and systems. Especially if you are solopreneurs who don’t have time to sift through Google’s documentation.


Your team can use the GA4 Toolbox with repeatable processes and dashboard reports to create an analytics system, allowing your company to scale with more efficient use of marketing dollars.


Learn how to filter and enhance your data collection and feed your reports with the best quality data possible. As a result, you get actionable insights that will always lead you in the right direction.

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Reviews From Our Customers ❤️

Izhar J

"As Always Jeff Delivers Such A Great Value. I have purchased several courses from Jeff in the past, including the Universal Analytics Course. I think he does an excellent job of delivering value and knowledge, and you can learn a lot from him about reading data. With Universal Analytics being shut down soon, I think it is a no-brainer to learn how to use GA4 now so you can be ahead of the curve."


"Concise and precise - Idiotproof step by step. Gone through previous Facebook ad courses with Jeff, and he gives a thorough explanation with detailed SOPs. Purely on that basis I've purchased this because I know I'll need to implement. A great instructor. Instead of having to trawl the web and dozens of different articles and YouTube videos, choose one guy that knows what he's taking about. It will save you so much time, and you know you won't have missed anything because he covers it all."



Regular Price: $999

One-time payment

  • Lifetime access to GA4 Toolbox Pro with 80+ SOPs and ($1,000 Value)
  • Google Looker Studio dashboard templates pre-populated with GA4 data connectors ($500 Value)
  • Lifetime updates to all process documents and dashboards ($2,000 Value)
  • Bonus 1: Discounts of up to $2,000 on marketing tools and software connected to GA4
  • Bonus 2: Discounts on future toolboxes as released ($300 Value)
  • Bonus 3: GA4 DIY Toolbox walkthrough recordings ($500 Value)

14-Day Limited Guarantee

Because this is a digital downloadable product, we do not offer a guarantee for this product. All purchases are final.

However, if you change your mind about your purchase, and you have not downloaded any portions of our product, we will happily issue you a refund upon your request.

Refund requests made after you have downloaded our product are handled on a case-by-case basis and are issued at our sole discretion. Refund requests, if any, must be made within fourteen (14) days of your original purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the paid versions of Google Analytics 4 for this to work?

You do not need to purchase Google Analytics 4 360 for these processes to work. In fact, all processes are designed to work exclusively with the free version of GA4.

Can I track my whole website with GA4?

You can not only track your entire website with GA4, but you can also track your mobile apps (Android and iOS) in one place as well!

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We generally do not offer a guarantee for digital products. However, we may offer a refund with limited exceptions. See our guarantee policy above 👆.

Will you explain how to use it?

After you sign up, there is an overview video that walks you through how to use the Toolbox and the included resources.

Will you ship this GA4 Toolbox to my address?

The GA4 Toolbox is a digital product only. There is no physical product to be shipped. You are purchasing a digital product.

Do I need additional software to use the GA4 Toolbox?

You need a Google account and the ability to sign up for GA4 in order to utilize these processes. These processes will not work without a free Google Analytics 4 account in place.

What do I exactly get when I buy the Toolbox? What is the difference between the Essentials and Pro Versions?

When you purchase the Essentials edition, you get 40+ processes and 2 dashboard templates for GA4. The Pro edition comes with 80+ processes and 11 dashboards, including migration guides, platform comparisons, and more.

Do you teach secret processes about GA4?

The Toolbox is designed to give you the most common processes you need to install, setup, and configure GA4. No secrets necessary, just the exact steps we recommend you take to get the job done!

Is this product tax-deductible or something I can get reimbursement for?

While you should consult the tax laws in your location, this Toolbox is a tax-deductible expense in the United States. Plus, many of our customers get reimbursed by their employer if used for business or continuing education.

Can I download the processes and dashboards?

All processes are downloadable in PDF format. Dashboards are links to Google Data Studio templates. We highly recommend that you make adjustments to the processes and dashboards as you see fit!

How actionable is the Toolbox?

We designed these tools to be immediately actionable, so you can install GA4 and get data in an hour or less. Some processes take longer to achieve but are equally easy to follow.

What if Google changes the way GA4 works?

If you notice a process or dashboard isn’t working, let our team know and we will update it. Not only that, but if you have suggestions for a process you’d like to see, you can submit a request to us.

What is DataDrivenU? Who is behind the GA4 Toolbox? was founded by Jeff Sauer, a foremost expert in Google Analytics and data-driven marketing with over 20 years of experience. Jeff has trained 50,000 students and clients like Nestlé, Hubspot, and Best Buy. These processes were developed from Jeff’s training and consulting work.

I have more questions!

If there was a question we didn’t answer here, just send us a note at [email protected]!



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